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  • FAQ: Is it really for free?
    Yes, it is. The game is being developed as freeware, and anyone will be able to download this game totally for free from the internet when it is done. There's also no catch to it, like some advertisement etc.

    FAQ: Why is it going to be free?
    The game is going to be free because at the beginning we didn’t intend to make a commercial product. We started making the game out of enthusiasm and love for games. Over time the quality of the game began to rise and several publishers contacted us. Once we had weighed all the pros and cons we decided to keep the game freeware. We knew what would get if we said *yes* to a publisher- stress, deadlines, necessity of arranging our time (school/work vs. the project), interventions from the publisher, uncertain earnings and fans unpleasantly surprised that the game is not free :-). This way we can make the game *quite* peacefully and right the way we want to.

    FAQ: When will it be released?
    Until Im Gone has had a few release times, but considering the extent of the project and the burden on the shoulders of our team members that are making this game for free and in their spare time, the changes in the release date are understandable. Our hopefully final release date is the year 2009.

  • FAQ: What titles (game or other) were your source of inspiration?
    We did not deliberately seek inspiration in any game, movie or book. We often get *accused* of UIG being inspired by Syberia, but that is not true. We simply like winter (especially the writer of the story) and it is just perfect for setting a melancholic and depressing mood + the environment simply emerged from the story by itself. We did though take some unintentional inspiration from e.g. various Christmas/winter movies, especially in terms of capturing the right winter/Christmas mood.

    FAQ: Which languages will the game support?
    The game will be available in (at least) 16 different languages right when it is released! The translations are made by native speakers, so you don't have to worry about the quality of it. You can expect: Czech, English, French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Polish, Danish and Dutch.If you are interested in helping us to translate the game even into more languages, we will be pleased if you contact us!

    FAQ: Will there be voice-acting in the game?
    Yes, there will be professional english voice-acting, recorded by people with many years of experience in professional games, films,radio plays and theatre. So you needn't worry about the quality.

  • FAQ: What's next?
    Faraway Studios future isn't clear at present, we have several ideas for new games, and we don’t know what exactly we will do in the future, but we know one thing for sure - Its not gonna end just with UIG...

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