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  • Finished ADOC 2007 and NEW Dev screens! (2-2)
    13th of December 2007

    Almost two weeks ago (or so) we took part in an event called ADOC2007 alias Adventure Developers Online Conference 2007, which took place on the forums of www.adventure-eu.com. Many adventure game developers from all over the world participated including such as Pendulo Studios (Runaway), House of Tales (Overclocked), Anaconda, Future games, Deck 13 and many others. During the conference you were able to ask any question and you received an answer immediately (in 1-2 minutes). If you couldn't make it but you're interested anyway in getting some (background) info you can enter our ADOC 2007 section here.

    As you might have already noticed (I guess I'm overusing this expression :-o) we released some new DEV (development) screens (on the occasion of the ADOC just like last year). If you'd like to see some of the earliest versions of certain scenes or if you'd like to learn how certain scenes are made or if you'd just like to see something interesting and original, now's your chance. Again, right here and now on our web! And if that's not enough for you, what would you say about a brand new wallpaper?

    And thats all for today ladies and gentlemen. But if you are interested in the theme of the next news, we can give you a clue- regrettably- prepare some rock and eggs :-I...

  • ADOC 2007 (1-2)
    19th of November 2007

    First of all today I'd like to mention (or remind you) that ADOC 2007 is approaching really fast and it is already less that 2 two weeks away!
    ADOC 2007 or the *Adventure Developers Online Conference 2007* is an online conference of adventure game developers from all around the world and our studio is going to participate for the third time. In the course of 3 days between the 30th of November and the 1st of December adventure game fans will have an opportunity to ask the developers directly about their favourite game. Whether they want to know something about the game itself or the studio, they'll get an immediate answer. You might consider it an unusual chat with the developers where you can ask anything. And there will surely be a lot of questions to answer because also big companies like Deck 13 (Jack Keane, Ankh), Crimson Cow, House of Tales and others will take part. So if you have anything on your mind, you can ask us on the 30th of November (Friday) 2007 from 19:00 to 21:00 (7-9 pm) GMT on the Adventure Europe- www.adventure-eu.com forum.

    As for the progress, things aren't going as well as we'd like to. One of our programmers is leaving because of personal reasons (mainly not enough time (again)) - we've got another one waiting to replace him however, so dont worry too much :-)... Another problem for the programmers is college, which is

  • ADOC 2007 (2-2)
    19th of November 2007

    taking up more and more free time. But the biggest problem is waiting for the lead programmer to finish some global parts of the code, without which the other programmers can't effectively continue.

    However, considering the voice actresses, the future seems bright for now. After all the hell and high water we've been through we managed to get two new actresses that are about to bring to life the characters of Anna Delenay and Gwen Riley. It's Anna in the first place who's a key figure for us right now as she's the most important (female) character in the game and four different voice actresses have already given up on the part. These days it seems that we've finally found *the right one* but never say never again, especially after all that... The visual part of the game is (as I said before) the most complete one as for now only few scenes are in need to be completed.

    That is all for today and remember: a bright (and chilly :-)) future lies ahead of us. So see you in 3 weeks right here or in 2 at the ADOC 2007!

  • Polls, polls, Polls (2-3)
    1st of November 2007

    In the end it has been 3 weeks since our last update, just like we announced last time, our news update schedule switches from 2 to 3 weeks. Todays newsflash will focus mainly on one subject - polls. As you have probably already noticed, we've added 5 polls to the site. We'll be eternally grateful if you decide to participate by voting, because this way you'll provide us with a feedback, which is a good contribution for the developer.

    As for the development itself, the progress of all chapters has slowed down considerably as all the programmers got back to their universities and studies. Nevertheless, the pace should speed up again soon. The 7th chapter progresses a lot slower than we expected, however, the recording of the voice acting has already started (though only for the main character (Nathan)) for the time being. The sound-engineers keep creating more and more new sounds and music and we've finished 3 new scenes; this way only 2 remain in the 6th chapter (if we don't take into account the longing to render some things again :-)). The development has slowed down yet again as we already said, and the current release date is joggling in its basics. And unfortunately there isn't really much that we could do about it. Without money it's hard to find the proper motivation, you don't simply have the right *levers*... :-)

  • Finally I'd like to invite you to the ADOC 2007, that is the *Adventure Developers Online Conference 2007* - it's the third year already of the most important online conference of adventure developers from all around the world and we are going to participate (for the third time). If you'd like to ask us something in realtime with the answers send to you in a matter of seconds than you've got a great opportunity to do so. Faraway studios will be taking part in the *Timeblock H* which will occur on the 30th of November (that is in a month) from 7 to 9 PM (from 19:00 to 21:00) GMT on the website www.adventure-eu.com. More info will be released soon.
  • Development info (1-3)
    11th of October 2007
    The last 2-4 weeks have been quite hectic especially because of the *new* programmers (hired a few months ago already), that have sucessfuly blended into the team. Thanks to them, all the things that didn't work that well and needed some more attention (programming stuff mostly) showed up as well as some missing sounds or music or small graphic elements (e.g.inventory items) in chapters we considered more or less complete. Thanks to that almost all the team members have been working as hard as they could (considering their jobs and other commitments). Everyone was involved from the first programmer over the graphic designer to the last animator. Thanks to that the project has made another *step* forward.
    Todays news will be a bit different: today I'd like to focus on the current status of all the chapters. I'm talking about chapters here, however the final game itself won't be divided into chapters - we've split the game (for the purpose of development only) into several parts that we tend to call (quite inaccurately) *chapters*, so that we could make the game and see the progress more easily. We splitted the the game into 8 *chapters* and today for the first time we'll have a close look at their status...

    The 1st chapter (as we've announced some 4 weeks ago) is almost complete - the graphics, animations, the program, sounds, music, the foreign languages translations even the voice acting (however, we've still got that lead actress problem)
  • Development info (2-3)
    11th of October 2007
    The 2nd chapter - 4 people had been working on this one, but the *creative workforce* has diminished since then as one of the programmers has been sent to work on his own chapter 5 and the other one to work on global programming issues. The chapter is currently in its alpha stage.
    The 3rd chapter is (according to its programmer) to be finished any moment now and soon the beta (not the alpha!) version will be available.
    The 4th chapter has gone through some problems and delays of its progress, due to some *personal issues*. Nevertheless, there is only little left to its final beta (it probably won't tell you much but there are only 3 scenes left to programm)
    The 5th chapter should be in alpha stage within a week, thanks to its new programmer.
    The 6th chapter is probably the least complete of all and most of the unfinished graphics of the project (there isn't much left however - see the last post for details) remains in this chapter.
    The 7th chapter is arguably the most advanced of all (with the exception of the first one), oddly enough, we've started working on it quite recently. Thanks to its (new) skilled programmer it is slowly approaching its *pre-final* status, where there's nothing else left but the voice-acting, 1 cut scene, the translations and some obligatory bug fixes. On the other hand, you can never tell how many bugs will show up and how much time we'll have to spend fixing them.
    The 8th chapter is the second least complete (right after the 6th), but unlike the 6th most of its graphics
  • Development info (3-3)
    11th of October 2007
    are already done.

    I hope this summary gave you a better picture of the progress of the project and its status quo. We can now only hope that we'll be able to finish it on time.

    We'd also like to mention a new team member - Macin Burminski, a sound engineer and a composer. He has teamed up with Rafal Kuczynski and replaced him temporarily very well while Rafal was off to Malaisia to get married - a thing that could have otherwise stalled the *audio-support* for two months and that would have been a little too much to digest for some of us :-).

    Finally I'd like to point out that we are considering changing the frequency of our news updates from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. 1 newsflash in two weeks is simply too *much* and if we are to inform you about some other things than just chapter x moving from beta1 to beta2, scene y getting rendered again, having some troubles with the character rigs or switching to a different code structure (*interesting* though these issues surely are, for the normal gamers) then its necessary to handle the news some other way. Its not 100% sure as of now, but if there's no news in two weeks, you'll surely get some a week later.

  • CG movies info (1-3)
    29th of September 2007

    At first, we would like apologize for the late news (neverthless the czech was on time), but our translator was (again) *unreachable*. We had waited a while, but nothing happened, then we managed to translate it ourselves (yes, it would take only a while (quite) , but who would like to do it, if it is not his job, and if he can rather work on the game itself...), but then he contacted us, that he will do it... Few days passed and still nothing. Then it came, and ASAP we are uploading it. We hope, you will understand it. And now lets get back to *business*:

    In todays news I'd like to focus on CG movies. As you may already know, apart from other things, our game will also contain some CG movies.

    The exact number of the movies is still unknown, because we are still trying to add another short clip here and there. But it's already certain that you'll be able to enjoy a fully pre-rendered Intro, Outro and a quite large number of before mentoined short *cut-scenes*. Currently, we are finishing the pre-production of the movies, so that the real *filming* could begin. We are quite aware of the painful process that's awaiting us, but I am fully convinced that each cut-scene in the game has its place and it would completely destroy our vision of the game if we threw them away (or changed
  • CG movies info (2-3)
    29th of September 2007

    them into non-interactive *in-game* cut-scenes). Simply put, all the cut-scenes that are in the screenplay are a firm part of the game and there's no way we could move them around.To achieve maximum quality more people will be working on the CG movies; because of this we consider hiring a new team member - a guy who graduated from an arts college in Jihlava and has already got experience with this kind of movies. As for the environment, that will be used in the cut-scenes, it is already mostly finished and by that we mean not only the scenes you'll be able to visit directly in the game but also locations that will be used exclusively in the cut-scenes (Nathans snow-covered house in the city for example). These scenes just need textures and lighting and they are ready to go. Character animation is mostly finished already, animations of the environment are still to be done. A real pickle will be choosing the right camera (very important for the final look of the cut-scenes). Then of course all the cut-scenes need to be rendered and then the post-production begins. Only after that the movie can be implemented into the game. As you can see there is still quite a lot of work to be done, but we're convinced that we'll manage to finish it (maybe even on time :-) )...

    Also we've got for you the samples of the two new translations mentioned in the previous post. If
  • CG movies info (3-3)
    29th of September 2007

    you don't know what I am talking about then belive that the game is currently being translated into 16 world languages which is still quite unbelievable. Today we present you samples of the Spanish and Norwegian translations that were finally added not a long time ago.
    And that's all for today, folks. As always, if you have any question concerning the game, the team etc. there's a contact *form* at your disposal (in the *Contact* section) as well as our guestbook (in the *Forum* section). So see you, this once on time, in 1 week.

    ::Spanish version:: ::Norwegian version::

  • Development news (1-2)
    10th of September 2007

    We're a bit late with the news today.This time we'll focus on the project, the team and the progress. As you may know, the release is currently set to the 3.-4. quarter of 2007 which has already begun and we've done all that we could to avoid any further delays. That's also the main reason why we hired 4 new programmers a month ago - all of them college students studying programming.
    Apart from them we've hired another sound engineer, who'll be teaming up with *Rafal Kuczynski*. The portfolio of languages has grown since last time and now the game is being translated into 16 different languages! The two new languages are Norwegian and Spanish. The translations of the first chapter are already safely on our disks and you can look forward to some samples next time!
    But let's have a closer look at the progress:
    The code: has been the *trickiest part* since the very beginning -caused by the *capriciousness of the programmers* rather than the difficulty of coding. However, that's no longer the case. Currently we've got ready the alpha/beta versions of chapters 2 and 4, chapter 1 is almost final and that's including music, sound, voice-acting and the option to choose from 16 languages! Chapters 3 and 4 are soon to be finished, 3 programmers have been assigned to chapter 2 and are progressing steadily. Chapter 7 has also progressed very well
  • Development news (2-2)
    10th of September 2007
    and what's more: all work has been done by one of the new programmers. If everything goes as it should, in a week or two at most it should be in the beta2 version.
    The graphics: as for the graphics, we could almost say that game is done! There's only about 10% of scenes left to do from the 70+ scenes the game has. And that is considering not only the graphics of the *scenes* themselves, but also *overlays*, hidden 3D geometry, scene animation and things like that, that aren't that visible but are important nevertheless and they demand some time also. The game graphics will be 100% ready very soon (though it will be quite difficult to resist the temptation to have some of the old scenes redone). Then the graphic designers will be able to focus on creating the rest of the game's environments that will be used in cutscenes only.
    Music: is about 85% done, the game sound around 60%.
    Character animation: the majority is also done, let's say 70%? We're considering the in game character animation.
    And that's about it. Don't take the numbers too seriously though, it's only my estimation, nobody has counted it EXACTLY, but it should be quite accurate. Finally, not to forget - there are 3 new subsections in the *Download* section, were you'll be able to have a look at some translation samples, download in game music, voice-acting or some nice wallpapers! So stay tuned!
  • Donations
    15th of August 2007

    Almost a year and a half ago (approximately) I stumbled upon two unrelated posts on a forum asking whether it is possible to support the project by donating. At that time we said no, but told them that it is a good idea and we will think about it a little. Well, if they were to ask us today, we'd tell them: sure, it's possible!
    Today we've officially made possible to support the development of our project by a Paypal donation. So if you'd like to support the development of Until I'm Gone, or you'd simply like to express your thanks for its FREEWARE status, now you've got the opportunity! We appreciate all your help that would certainly speed things up and improve the quality of the project!
    MORE INFORMATION and section Donation is here.

  • Web hack... (1-2)
    10th of August 2007

    Sadly, our webpages were hacked by an unknown hacker last week. So if you've noticed some strange behaviour of our web, it was caused by this *individual*. That's also the reason of the delay of todays news. The motives of the attacker still remain unclear as well as his *achievements*... Nevertheles, we've already begun to solve the problem with our web hosting provider and we've taken precautionary measures so that this event would not repeat in the future.
    Also we'd like to point out that we will NOT tolerate this kind of behaviour and we'll see to it that justice is done.

    However, let's turn to lighter matters. All of you that can speak English (or Greek) at least a bit might be interested in a new interview that came out. In it, we've again revealed a bit more about the project, the development, the team and and a bit of info from the backstage. You can read the interview here.
    The other half of this newsflash deals with the *Join us* section that hasn't been updated for a long time already. Today we finally bring it up to date. I'd like to point out that we are currently looking for:

    -Movie animators
  • Web hack... (1-2)
    10th of August 2007

    -Translators (even to the languages that the game is currently being translated to as proofreaders and *quality-checkers*) - we are ALWAYS willing to look at the work of promising and talented people. It doesn't matter whether you are a graphic designer, an animator, a programmer or a sound engineer and whether we're looking for someone to fill this position at the time or not
    - we ALWAYS welcome people like that!
    - We are still looking for new Programmers!

    If you're interested, contact us in the *Contacts* section.

    Well, that's all for today and *if everything goes as planned*... :-) then you'll get the next newsflash in a week instead of a fortnight...

  • Publisher... (2 News at one time!) (1-4)
    24th of July 2007

    Firts of all, we are really sorry that we had not been succesfull in our resolve *1 news per 2 weeks*, but our translator to english is lost (well yeah... :-) ) so we had problems, which resolved in this delay... We are sorry and as a little compensation we offer you know 2 news in one update, 5 pages of texts. And secondly:


    Two weeks have passed and here we are with the *news* as promised. Today's update of the news section is going to be about *background information*...
    For those who watch the project it probably won't be anything new; at least so we believed until recently... We did mention it in various interviews a few times. There is a notice *somewhere* on the site too, so we thought it was a known fact for people interested in UIG. We were wrong:-)... To spare ourselves the time used for answering many similar mails and to stop speculations and pessimism, which is all around the *discovery*, we decided to inform you about it in the most visible part of the site, the news section. We hope it will end all future pessimism and doubts (we know it won't:-) ). We apologize to people, who already know this, for redundant news, however...
  • Publisher... (2-4)
    24th of July 2007

    Publisher...!, NO! Don't be afraid... you won't hear anything like that from us! I'll repeat the cliché once again: UIG is FREEWARE and it will remain FREEWARE. We are sure about it. This is clearly proved by the fact we have already rejected some potential publishers!Yes, you're reading it right. No speculations like *Publisher shows up and they're all dead* or *I wanna see it when the publisher shows up...* are appropriate because it’s not that this situation didn't happen. It did! Potential publishers from the US, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain (I think) and a few others contacted us interested in publishing rights for separate territories. After a talk and an exchange of similar opinions in the team, we *had to* reject every single one of them..! Briefly: even though there is interest in UIG, it still remains FREE! And there's no reason why it should ever change.

    Let's look at it. Why did we actually reject them...? Until I'm Gone has been being developed for some time (those who experienced delays know it:-) ) and from the first day of its concept it was intended and being prepared as a freeware game without a single thought that it could be any other way. Team organizing, planning, etc. everything was subject to the game being freeware. We work on UIG in our free time (and for *some* of us, free time=UIG, not much of us though) without any *financial claim*... And now there's a publisher and money... Would we go for it? Noooo:-). Why? (Except for the stuff
  • Publisher... (3-4)
    24th of July 2007

    already mentioned) Because:

    -It would be hard to divide the money since nobody expected *commercialisation*.
    -Complications- our studies/contemporary jobs vs. project work. (There's no other way than full time.)
    -Retail profit...? Unwarranted in current situation.
    -Publisher intervention in the concept, game, remaking, etc.
    -Publisher- slowdown due to various approvals, agreements, changes, reworking, etc. (it is a question however whether it would be a slowdown as big as now...?) (Well, if you look at other projects: positive)
    -Originally we promised and kept it free. Why should we back out now?
    -Various deadlines, stress, quick job change without guaranteed (*good*) profit
    -This way (freeware) we can still work in relative peace and gain valuable experience *painlessly*.
    -We wanted to pay attention to development, not to transferring a freeware project into the commercial sphere.

  • Publisher... (4-4)
    24th of July 2007

    That's it for the *brief* list of reasons why we are rejecting what others usually look for - publisher. Hopefully we have made the situation clear and nobody will doubt about our FREEWARE intentions and ask why we think so...
    And if yes... e-mail is in the *contact* section, you know...;-).

  • A lot of small pieces... (1-2)
    24th of July 2007
    The holidays are finally here, which means that, except for more intensive development, (when everyone gets back from their vacations...) there's enough time for periodical information about the project. In today's news, we'll look at a few things which happened (not only) during last two weeks.
    When we first announced that the game would be fully translated into 14 world languages it was clear that we had dug a hole for ourselves that would be very hard to avoid. After all, a week before there was a lot of work waiting for the team before the project finished. We were already expecting that not everyone from the 14+ people from abroad participating in the translations (the translator usually has at least one proof-reader) would remain with us till the end. Even though we send the texts of separate chapters for the translation as early as possible(not the usual way, when the development is over),it was clear that sooner or later somebody would quit and we would have to quickly find appropriate substitution. Our Greek translator (unwillingly) left us a week ago to enlist in the military service (Army makes *troubles* quite often :-). Two of our programmers work for the Czech republic Army, which is quite demanding (so there's not much time and energy left for UIG). Our Polish music composer missed a few deadlines too because he (willingly) participated in military trainings. Fortunately there are some responsible people like Muhsin Mengi, who spontaneously got a substitute (I wish there were more people doing this). The substitutes are Aris Georgoutsos with Cristina Voudouri seconding. They both have experiences with translations of PC games Scratches or Echo - Secret of the lost cavern. And thus we
  • A lot of small pieces... (2-2)
    24th of July 2007
    welcome them aboard.

    As for the translations of the project into other languages, we're still looking for dedicated and responsible people who would like to help us. We are especially loking for Spanish translators. In case you are interested or just want to ask about something (not limited to translations), you can, like always, contact us through the form in the *Contact* section.
    As for the team *changes*, we aren't done yet. Last week brought us quite visible *castlings* after a long period of relative peace.
    Besides the newcomers *Aris Georgoutsos* and *Cristina Voudouri* we have gained English translator *sv.Izachajas*, who was working for the team for some time and with whose help we corrected some mistakes appearing in the English version of our site. For faster development, we have also invited another music composer, by that time a voice actor, Tony Porter, who teaches Game development on a relatively known university Full Sail in Florida. This also guarantees his experience not only with creating game music, but even with game developing as such.

    That should be it, so see you in two weeks when, if everything goes right (and it never does :-) ), you will see much more *juicy news*...
  • Summarization of the project (1-4)
    26th of June 2007

    For the first time in a long time we were unfortunately unable to fulfill our promise to give you news every two weeks, due to a lot of things that needed taking care of. However today we’re going to set things right and we assure you that there will be no more delays in the future!

    Until I’m Gone went through a lot of development. It kept growing from a smaller project (in the beginning we were only counting with about a third of the scenes), improving and getting bigger as well as our plans grew and more and more competent (and unfortunately time-lacking) people joined the team. And because not everyone keeps track with our project we’ve decided to use this newsflash to summarize the project, to recap some of the changes and adjustments UIG went through during its development.

    -The number of scenes grew from the initial concept (counting with about 25 screens) to 55 and then again to 70+ scenes (which is still not the final number).
    -The quality of the scenes has risen alongside with their count and improved as time went by and as new apt graphic designers joined the team. We’ve changed the scene rendering process couple of times.

  • Summarization of the project (2-4)
    26th of June 2007

    -The translations also got moving in a way we’d never would have imagined in the beginning. From the initial two languages the game was supposed to be published in (Czech and English + hoping we would be able to get a German translator) the game grew to a total number of 14 languages. All the game texts will be translated and corrected afterwards by native speakers.
    -Voice acting was a mere utopia in the beginning that no one even dared to dream of. Let’s face it: a freeware game with professional voice-acting? Out of the question! No one will ever do it for free even if we only wanted to dub the main characters (like we were planning to)… But we did it! We’ve managed to get enough people to give the game not a partial but a complete professional English voice-acting. But even now getting actors for certain characters is a true nightmare (what else would you call a situation when 5 actresses in a row auditioning for a single character quit on you saying they’d love to participate but they just don’t have enough spare time?). Nevertheless we assure you that every single character in the game will be fully dubbed with maximum quality possible!
    -The music. During the development we were contacted by (or contacted ourselves) about 5-6 talented composers and it took us some time till we finally decided to team up with *Human Error*. His gloomy style corresponds more or less exactly with the mood we’d like to see in the game. That’s why it was clear from the first moment we heard his compositions we will choose him over others whose creations weren’t somber
  • Summarization of the project (3-4)
    26th of June 2007
    enough (and therefore not suitable for our project). Our previous newsflash was dealing with the in-game music more thoroughly so if you’re interested to get more info or listen to the first officially released soundtrack sample just scroll two pages down.
    -The story of the game is still a great mystery to the players because we protect it painstakingly and we don’t want to reveal too much of it till the game is out. But there’s lot to look forward to, you can trust us on that! What you can now read is the Story section , is a mere fragment of what is waiting for you in the game. And it’s definitely not going to focus on some adultery as it may seem from the bits of information that are accessible on the web. Nevertheless it’s our own fault it may seem this way and we plan to extend the Story section in near future so that it would do justice to the original story. And we plan to reveal a bit more of it too…
    The team went through a couple of changes during the development especially considering the staff. Every single one of the changes had only 2 purposes: either to raise the quality of the game or to speed up its development. It’s important to realize that the team isn’t just *a group of students*, many of the team members have already got a steady job. Their jobs need quite a lot of their time and energy, they might have a family or a girlfriend who demands a fair share of time too. Some have to study *from time to time*, take care of their own problems or simply *exist as normal human beings*. And apart from that they have another great *responsibility*: to develop on a computer game FOR FREE…
  • Summarization of the project (4-4)
    26th of June 2007

    A game that can rival commercial titles and in certain aspects maybe even surpass them (I doubt that any of the pro-developers spend hours upon hours just looking for voice actors (that consequently leave again) or getting somebody to work :-)) – and in spite of all that, neither one of us will get a single buck for it! I think it’s clear that it’s not an easy thing to do and sometimes not even enjoyable. Nevertheless, all the team members keep working on the game of their own free will. Even though there are some *minor delays, permanent late delivery of finished work or occasional slacking* :-) Despite all that the team has crystallized into a more or less stable group, the notorious slackers have been removed (or replaced by others) and there are no new ones joining. Therefore I hope you understand the delays the game had to go through and you’ll retain your interest in the project :-)
    In the end we should mention that bright future lies ahead of us as the summer vacations are coming near and so at least the *student part* of the team will work more quickly - so that the waiting for the release would be as short as possible...
    And not to forget – we’ve replaced our GuestBook with a new *spam-protected* one, so that you’ll be spared of all the annoying messages that have been flooding it lately. You have to enter a security code along with your message but that is a common practice these days.

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