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Character animator

We're looking for a character animator to animate human characters (mostly). It doesn't really matter in which animation software you work, if you're capable of delivering the animations in *.x file format. Another possibility is using the *.max. You'll be creating the animation based on text, picture and mainly video materials that we'll send you. We ask for enthusiasm, ceratin experience and skills (they don't have to be staggering) and some time you're willing and capable to give to the project.

If you are interested, feel free to [contact us]

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to be part of a prospective team working on a well-known and ambitious project, to make visible, to gain new experience in your branch, to establish new contacts, to work on the upcoming Faraway project etc. We guarantee this kind of experience is going to be a vital part of your personal protfolio.
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