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Movie animator

Your job would be making pre-rendered cut scenes based on the text and visual material provided. You will be supplied with the prepared scene in the *.max format (with models and textures ready) and your job is to make the cut scene itself based on the material mentioned above. It includes e.g. animating of given elements (characters, various objects etc.) and working with movie camera (character animations are mostly ready, so your work will be easier this way). Each of the cut scenes is supposed to be about 30 seconds long. As the scene will be given to you in *.max file, the program you are working in has to support this file format.

If you are interested, feel free to [contact us]

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to be part of a prospective team working on a well-known and ambitious project, to make visible, to gain new experience in your branch, to establish new contacts, to work on the upcoming Faraway project etc. We guarantee this kind of experience is going to be a vital part of your personal protfolio.
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