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The beginning of Faraway Studios dates back to the winter of 2004 when Roman Navratil, started working on the story of our first game, a then still nameless adventure game with horror elements taking place around Christmas in a mountain village cut off from the outside world by a blizzard. In the spring of 2005 the team grew. Two new graphic artists joined the team. We started to work on the graphics; the script was about 70% finished at that time. Around July 2005 we finally consolidated the team and out of several possible names we chose Faraway Studios. Our project which had been nameless until then, got an official working title: ”Until I’m Gone”. We announced Until Im Gone, to gamers from the Czech Republic and from foreign countries. The release date was Winter 2005, and at that time it seemed realistic. Then came some complications and we unfortunately missed our release date. People came and left, mostly graphic designers, but the main problem was getting WME programmers, we had a forth one at that time already. The new release date was set to May 2006. Since February 2006 when a fifth WME programmer joined the team, the situation got stabilized and remains more or less the same till now.
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